Rima Saab

Born in Beirut, Lebanon,
Full-time visual artist  – University Educator in visual arts, painting, and multimedia.

-2014: Masters II, Research and Art critics, Lebanese University, Ecole Doctoral.

– 2006: Masters degree in Visual Arts at ALBA-Balamand

– 2005: D.E.S in Fine Arts, The Lebanese University- Institue of Fine Arts II.
-1990: B. Engineering in Computer and Communications at The American University of Beirut (AUB).

Solo exhibitions are:
-“Vanishing Impressions”, oil and mixed media painting exhibition at Galerie Tanit- Kettaneh, Beirut (2013).

-“Rue Monot”, painting and photography, Centre Culturel Français, Beirut(2010)
-“Landscapes as Collective Memory”, painting and digital media exhibition at Espace Kettaneh-Kunigk, Gefinor, Beirut (2009).
-Screen show of video art at Zico House, Beirut (2006)

Participated in many collective exhibitions among which are: Artos Foundation, Nicosia-Limassol-Madrid (2009),
Mario Merz Foundation, Turin, Italy (2009)
KSA, International Tourism Conference, Riyadh (2008)
Sursock Museum, Beyrouth (2007, 2008, 2010)
Gallery B312, Quebec, Canada (2006)
International Film festival FILOFEST, University of Slovenia, Ljublijana (2006)

In my artwork, I explore the relationship between arts and technology, and experiment with new media and digital arts. I joined the UNESCO Master Classes on Arts, Design and Technology. I executed many video works and paintings with socio-cultural concerns. The canvases of mixed media technique show a new concept and perception toward landscaping as a space of collective memory. Influenced by the question of identity and belonging, I transformed the external perception of landscapes into a series of images reflecting my sense of introspection and interiorisation. This allows through certain images, the understanding of human destiny, its apprehensions, and its inherent conflicts. My digital works reflect Beirut wall and war memories, with all its turbulence of social and political disorders, which makes the whole city “a living museum of civil war, social conflicts, and nostalgia”.

  1. Sand says:

    Way to go Rima! I just found your blog, and happy to see you’re still painting beautifully!


    • Rima Saab says:

      Hi Sandra! Thank you. How are you and family? I hope you too are still doing lovely artwork? Love to u and D.


      • Sand says:

        We’re all well! I haven’t painted for a good while. Been busy with Karma all the way. Things could change thought when she starts school (this year!).
        Otherwise, I’m doing lots and lots of cooking…
        Check out my blog whenever you have the time, you’ll know more what’s been going on.
        Big hugs!!!


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