SOLO Exhibition: Centre Culturel Francais,Beirut 2010

Posted: October 18, 2011 in Exhibitions, Uncategorized
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“Rue Monot, the street that once was a
landmark separating East from West, “Christians” from “Muslims”, remains till
today a center for higher  religious and academic education. In
spite of its systematic urban transformation, its restaurants and nightlife
venues, the area has not lost its memory, and it remains a fascinating site
marked by traces of time along its walls!

In my paintings I try to show my own view of this street as a visual
poetry narrating past and present. In this sense, I reflect upon
Monot Street as a traditional street in its old Lebanese
architecture; typical ‘Lebanese’ old houses which are being demolished one by
one, and replaced by commercial towers, which render it as a public place for
food and party void of any identity!

At Monot, I had the opportunity to observe this dynamic street and its
dynamic transformations during a period of 10 years. I used to draw and paint
these old houses; but today, I only find the remaining street walls standing
alone as the silent evidence of this unforgotten
identity.” Rima


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