Artist Rima Saab’s exhibition at Phoenicia Hotel’s 50th Anniversary- Lebanon

Posted: October 18, 2011 in Exhibitions, Press, Uncategorized

Artist Rima Saab’s exhibition at Phoenicia Hotel’s 50th Anniversary- Lebanon

Phoenicia Hotel in Lebanon celebrated its 50th year of success & glory (Sep 2011). The celebration highlighted Lebanese artists who are internationally renowned for their talent and inspirational pieces.

Rima Saab was one of the artist who portrayed her latest works in photography.

“Made in a visual poetry narrating past and present, I observe Beirut quarters changing everyday with the turbulent changes of ideologies. Street walls, windows, signs, graffiti, posters, and even war traces, all reveal a forgotten beauty: the beauty of dust and time, the beauty of being imperfect, and the beauty of accepting difference! In my work on Beirut walls, I try to show the defence of cultural identity, which plays a key role today in political and social conflicts. These individual characteristics, single and unique identities, which we find everywhere, allow us to get to know others, share experiences, listen, and transform difference into a cultural dialogue. In spite of Beirut’s systematic urban transformation, those walls remain a fascinating site marked by traces of time and people!” Rima Saab


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